I am grateful you are here as I am passionate about helping guide women towards whole person healing and transformation.

My healing journey began many years ago when I realized I was holding pain in my heart. It sent me on a deep quest to understand what was causing my physical pain. It didn’t take long to determine it was the lack of fulfillment in my soul. Through classes, meditation and writing – lots and lots of writing – I have been helped on this evolving soul-journey. The journey never ends and I have learned that it is more enjoyable to be on the journey with others than it is to do it alone. My favorite thing in the world is talking about lessons learned from mistakes made within safe, loving spaces in hopes of helping others on their healing journey. I now get to share these spaces with you and for that, I am abundantly blessed.

My services include various offerings to assist in unlocking whatever blocks are holding you back. Spiritual writing, making art and opening to receive life force energy work are some of the tools that can guide us on our healing path. Please check out my Services and Events and let me know how I can best serve you in your healing journey!

Peace and love, Carey

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